Thursday, October 16, 2008

My On Job Training

Me and my Group was spent a more time in our On Job training in City Hall. We assign in the OFFICE OF THE MAYOR. In the first day of our OJT, we meet Mrs.Albaran because of some direction that we followed. In the first day of our ojt the employee will give the individual work to us.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Captivating Sigma,Capiz

SIGMA is one of the sixteen municipalities in the Province of Capiz. A fourth class municipality, it is situated in the central plains of the second congressional district of the province. It is strategically located in the crossroads of the three provinces of Panay Island; Capiz, Aklan and Iloilo. Having a total land area of 10,170.01 hectares, it comprises 21 barangays. Two of which are classified urban which accounts 5 percent (509.71 has. of the municipal territory. The remaining 19 barangays are classified rural with a total area of 9,660.30 has (95.0%) while the municipality of Pilar is a 4th class municipality in the province of Capiz, Philippines. They heve a population of 38,903 people in 7,747 households.

The brief history of Sigma in the year 1615 or ninety-four years after Magellan landed in Cebu, 1521, a group of Catholic Missionaries led by Fr. Alonso Ejevas, came to the Inland of Panay for the organization and establishment of the towns of Jamindan and Mambusao, formerly named "Tipic". Mambusao however, was so wide that the descendants of Datu Monahan and Pedro Vesera again suggested to the missionaries that a ne w town be estbalished in the east. Hence, a new town called Sigma.

According to historians, the SIGMA was named after the town's first executive datu, a powerful ruler named Datu Cayongyong Mahinay. The Datu, with the frequent recurrence of his normal cold illness and often blowing his nose, in dialect "naga-sikma" was popularly known among his followers and other "Datus" ruliing the neighboring regions as "Datu Sikma". Hence, the town named Sigma from the word "Sikma".

Our vision as a strategically located municipality, we envision SIGMA as an empowered and responsive community with sustained and vibrant agro - industrial economy, balanced ecology and the center of education in the Second District of Capiz; its government responsive to the needs of its constituents, capable of delivering adequate basic social services, thus improving the quality of life of SIGMAHANONS; a people proud of their culture and identity; living in peace and harmony in their environment.

The mission of Sigma the MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF SIGMA, in partnership with its constituents, shall serve as a catalyst of development by promoting opportunities for economic growth, equal access to natural resources, credit and technical institutions; a government structure with viable programs and projects, adequate financial and skilled human resources, responsive to the basic social needs of the people; inculcating positive values to ensure the total transformation of SIGMAHANONS.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As a student of Filamer Christian College

Being a student of Filamer Christian College we encountered all the challenges and trials that comes in our life. We need to believe in God all the time. As a college student of now i have so many changes that change in my personal life like my attitude, before I'm not bad to my parents but now i cant understand myself because I'm always thinking my problems in school. Sometimes i felt that I'm a person who have a lot of problems. College life is not like your high school days.
My college life is not easy to defined because when you are in college you need to adjust yourself because you can encountered a lot of trials. You need to prepare yourself of what problems that comes in your life and how can you solve it. Myself encountered a problems when I'm in 3rd year I've suffered a big problem to myself. My classmates can only knows of what happen to me. They give there support as my family and I'm thankful to them because they never leave me in time of my problem.
I am so very shying person before but now I have a confident on myself.Before,since I am first year I've been join in Ms.FCCSR contest of all department.I am the one who represent the com.sci department, I'm so very thankful 'coz they give a chance to show my talents and personality.Eventhough im not win in that contest i prove to myself that i have confidence to face the people around me.And i know my department get angry to me 'coz they dissapointed to me.Everynight i'm always asking myself, why im lost that contest?I give all my best to win but i lost.
I also encountered the difficulties in my studies,Eversince, I dont like this course because i think this course is very hard and more in Math which is i hate,but when I enroll this and when the class started ,i fell that this course is very Interesting and so exciting because more on hands on.Later, I realize that this course is needed of every companies if we graduate of this course.I focus on my studies to my studies becaause i want to be a successful person someday.
We need to put trust ourself inorder to face all the trials that comes in our life.Put GOD in our Heart and in mind to fight all the challenges and trials that come's in our life.Life is so wonderful if you accept God in our life.Eventhough you are always commiting sin's, God can only know of what penalty that you recieve from God.I believe this saying's "Love yourself before you love others thats only thing to know who you are."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shining in the sun

Im sunshine that lights in your day>>>>>>>>